Broadway Bridges Pakistan

American Voices tours Pakistan and prepare joint performances of excerpts from Grease, Hairspray and Les Miz with Pakistani music, dance and theater students.

For three weeks the American Voices Broadway Bridges team toured Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Pakistan working with a half-dozen theater companies and hundreds of young actors, dancers and musicians.
From our first meeting with Pakistani journalists and our Karachi program partners, Made for Stage  Theater, it was clear that our visit was going to feed Pakistan’s hunger for contact with this unique American genre.
The rest of the Karachi visit was one eye-opening meeting after the other: Made for Stage Theater was a dream to work with: amazing talent, fantastic singing  and dancing, having just presented Mamma Mia and Chicago in the past season. We spent 6 days together preparing a Revue program with ‘Grease’, ‘Rent’ and ‘Hairspray’ excerpts. This was the real thing and we immensely enjoyed our work with this impeccable cast.  There was huge media coverage by a half dozen television stations and several full and half-page spreads in local newspapers (see photos section on this page).  The interest in this project and Broadway coming to Karachi was amazing.
From Karachi we proceeded to Lahore where we worked with the amazing theater students of Government College University. This talented troupe learned ‘15 Minute Hamlet’ in three days adding their own quite original slapstick elements. We also worked with the youth of the Interactive Resource Center, an NGO using social theater programs in Pakistan's hotspots, such as the Northwest Frontier Provinces, to counteract radicalization among youth.
Islamabad was again a hotbed of musical theater activity with talent bursting out all over. We were happy to work in the great venue at the Pakistan National Center for the Arts in a show greeted by a full house clamoring for more musical theater.
The program was funded by the U.S. Embassy to Pakistan.